why we are here

Andy & I were blessed with the arrival of our baby boy, Nicholas Christopher Szapacs on Sunday, October 5th at 7:51 PM. His arrival was a shock to both Andy and myself – not only because Nicholas would be making his arrival several states away from home but also that he was making his way into the world 12 weeks early. As Andy and I traveled to Southwest Florida just a few days earlier for a brief ‘babymoon’ and to visit my mom and dad, we had no idea that I would be diagnosed with HELLP syndrome (an extremely rare pregnancy disease) and that Nicholas would be born within a few hours of my diagnosis via emergency c-section.

We have created this blog as a place for our family & friends to celebrate with us and pray with us as Nicholas continues to grow. Many of you know that we have not shared our news on Facebook or other open social media outlets yet. We made that decision consciously and hope you can honor this decision alongside us. We want to respect Nicholas’ privacy during this very important time in his life and we choose to focus our time and energy into our time with Nicholas and his care team rather than updating folks via social media feeds. This blog is intended to share our story with you in a closed forum that is easy for us to manage and one that is easy for our close friends and family to keep up with.

Thank you for being a part of our lives. Prayers are powerful and we are thankful for yours.

-Andy & Jaclyn Szapacs


2 thoughts on “why we are here

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. It is a glimpse of hope. I also was a HELLP pregnancy and your story sounds very similar to mine. We are on day 53 in the NICU with my daughter.

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