We Are Out Of ICU

As of Sunday evening, Nicholas was downgraded from a level 3 baby (intensive care unit) to a level 2 baby (progressive care unit). We are out of ICU!

We are still waiting on a space to become available in the progressive care unit so our physical location hasn’t changed yet but, we are happy to report that we no longer need the care and attention classified for ICU babies (and we even got a new ‘big boy bed’ to go along with our new status). We are beginning to talk more frequently about discharge with the nursing team and preparing for Nicholas to come home. We still believe it will be a few weeks before we are discharged from Golisano Children’s Hospital but we are over the moon excited to have made it this far!

(more to come in our weekly update on Sunday).

4 thoughts on “We Are Out Of ICU

  1. We are so glad to hear Nicholas is getting stronger day by day! We can’t imagine how hard this has been for you guys (and Nicholas!). We are saying prayers that you will soon get to take your beautiful baby boy home. We can’t wait to meet him! God Bless!


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