Happy 3 months!

Nicholas is 3 months old! And this is the 1st time I can say “he is 3 months old, 11 days corrected.” If Nicholas had been full term he would only be 11 days old today. But, since our baby boy made an early entrance into the world, today we celebrate his 3 month “birthday”.

These past 3 months haven’t been easy. Nor have they been very fun on most days. I never imagined I wouldn’t experience the last trimester of pregnancy or that I would spend the 1st months of my child’s life in a hospital discussing blood transfusions and cranial ultrasounds with doctors – but I did. And, every second of it has been worth it. To be home safe with a healthy baby boy is a miracle and a blessing that sometimes we don’t think we deserve.

So, today, as we do on the 5th of each month, we stopped and gave thanks for Nicholas. We sang the “happy birthday” song as if it were on repeat. We read books. We even “practiced” sitting up with a little support.


One thought on “Happy 3 months!

  1. YAYYYY for Nicholas (and you two)! We are so happy to have you home and him growing and thriving. Looking forward to meeting him next week! Love you guys.


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