4 Months Old! (4 weeks corrected)

This handsome fella turned 4 months old (4 weeks corrected) today. We celebrated the day with an early morning, caffeine induced “happy birthday” song & dance routine (most of which was performed by yours truly while Andy looked on with both laughter and confusion) before heading to school to spend the day with Ms. Pat & Ms. Alyssa (more on Nicholas’ 1st week at school to come!).


One thought on “4 Months Old! (4 weeks corrected)

  1. Happy birthday to Nicholas! Cheers to you for the entertainment, caffeine-induced or not! We love the Valentine card…thank you, thank you! I have thought of you going back to work. How has it been? Papa Charlie came home yest. after knee replacement #2 and is doing very well. Not near the level of pain as last time, so we’re very thankful!
    Love to all of you, and a VERY special Happy Valentine’s greeting this year!!


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