5 months! (2 months corrected) 

Today Nicholas is 5months old (2months corrected)! Andy had to travel for work this week so it was just Nicholas & mama here this morning to celebrate the rainy, cold day with a 6 am “rise and shine” song followed by a “happy birthday” performance by yours truly & our dogs. 

(The dogs insist on participating in all Nicholas-related activities in  when Andy isn’t here. They come as close as they are allowed but they typically hear “you can sit in the doorway and look on but that’s close enough thank you very much”. Can you tell I’m not ready for everyone to play in close quarters yet?) 

Happy birthday to our sweet Nicholas. Today we celebrate you starting to hold your head up on your own, and we laugh (it’s a sleep deprived laugh) at your infrequent desire to sleep through the night! 

And, today is extra special because we share it with “papa” Charlie. We are beyond thankful for your and “mama” Kay’s love and we hope you have a wonderful day! 

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