On travel, anniversaries, Easter, & Nicholas’ 6 month birthday


Folks often ask us, “So will y’all ever go back to Florida?”. Yes, we will. And in fact we did. Andy & I often comment to each other how absolutely wonderful it would be if both of our companies opened up shop in SW Florida and we could move down there. Andy could fish in the gulf every.single.day & I could just *be* around the salt air, warm water, and relaxed “hey it’s 3PM time to turn our attention to happy hour” lifestyle. Maybe one day.

So, the 1st weekend of April, our family of 3 packed up and traveled, by plane, to SW Florida to visit GG & Granddaddy, celebrate Easter, Nicholas’ 6 month birthday, and Andy & my 1st wedding anniversary. We woke up early on a Wednesday morning & drove to Charlotte to board a direct flight to Fort Myers, FL. I wasn’t interested in flying with a layover because I wasn’t sure how N would handle his 1st flight let alone 2 airplane rides in 1 day so I broke my “I will not drive to another airport just to not have to connect rule” that I apply to as much of my business travel as I possibly can in an attempt to try & make the day’s travel as painless as possible.

Going through security was a breeze – thankfully I had watched a couple with a baby stumble through security a few weeks earlier so I was able to see what not to do. We made it past all of our checkpoints within 20 minutes and had time to grab brunch gate-side before boarding the plane. Gate-side we learned that, much to my surprise, they no longer let families with young ones board early – you must pay for the privilege to board with a baby early (Where did your southern manners go US Airways?). But alas, we made it aboard and got seated in time for Nicholas to eat before take off. (sidenote- thanks to the Horton’s for the tips on feeding infants before & during takeoff – it saved us!). As soon as the plane took off, N fell asleep in my arms during the entire flight (except for when the flight attendant came on the speakers to preach about the airline’s credit cards – he got a bit fussy during that speech but, hey, don’t we all?).


GG & Granddaddy met us at the arrivals gate. I don’t know who was happier – them that they got to see N or me that I got to see my parents whom I hadn’t seen since mid-December!

We spent the next 5 days in pure bliss. We got to do some of the things we didn’t get to do on our trip back in October. Andy & my dad fished in the gulf every second they could, we ate good food waterside, mom & I went shopping, and we just got to *be*. N got lots of time with GG & Granddaddy – dancing, singing, reading books, and even practicing standing up (his favorite thing to do in GG’s lap).



Saturday, 4.4.15, was our 1 year wedding anniversary. After Andy fished for the day in the gulf we got dressed up (another thing about island life – “dressed up” down there is a cotton sundress & flip flops and shorts & a polo). We headed off to Tarpon Lodge, a secluded bed & breakfast for a sunset dinner. The view was amazing, the food was delicious, and the company couldn’t have been better. Andy knew that traditionally you eat the top of your wedding cake on your anniversary but since we were 800 miles away from home that was going to be very feasible. Instead, he worked with my parents to have a cake made for our anniversary dinner. It was delivered to the restaurant & served to us at the table – much to my surprise!




Easter morning came and N was spoiled (so were we – thanks Mom & Dad!) with his 1st Easter baskets (Mammy & Papi’s Easter basket for N came early so he got to see the goodies when we got home). The baskets were filled with bubbles, books, his 1st Taggie dog, toy cars, rattles, and even some super swanky sunglasses. I insisted early on in the morning that we go outside to blow the bubbles N got in his Easter basket. As usual, my wonderful husband obliged without complaining even though he knew N probably wouldn’t be interested in bubbles for long. (He was right but you can’t blame me for making memories.)




Easter was also Nicholas’ 6 month birthday! He posed happily on GG & Granddaddy’s bed with his new Taggie dog for some photos (which you can see in the post below!).

On our last full day in FL, Andy hired a yoga instructor to meet us on Fort Myers Beach for a private yoga session (happy anniversary to us!). GG & Granddaddy watched N for the morning and off we went for a wonderful lesson on the beach followed by mid-morning cocktails surf side. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful trip!

(and for those who are curious, our plane ride home was just as uneventful! N did come home & quickly sprout a double ear infection & pink eye in both eyes but thanks to our wonderful team of peditricians and nurses in NC was back to his normal self with a day or so!).

One thought on “On travel, anniversaries, Easter, & Nicholas’ 6 month birthday

  1. This is so wonderful. We are delighted thatt you had this wonderful time together – and you and Andy apart for your anniversary. The cake looks fabulously delicious. Great family pix too! Love you all!


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