Nicholas is about to turn 9 months old. (How did that happen?) It feels like only yesterday we were finally home and now I have a blue eyed smiley boy who gracefully sleeps through the night on my hands (thank GOD!).

Lately, our days have been full of work & play with (thankfully) only a few doctor’s appointments scattered around. We’ve traveled to the Lake, back to Florida, and even to Pennsylvania to see a few of the Yankees we get to call family. Its been a fun time being a family of 3 and we are so fortunate to have such an easy-going, roll with the punches, if he’s crying something must be really wrong, sleeping, happy, loving boy on our hands.

But, with 9 months approaching it meant it was time for a checkup at the pediatrician & a check-in with our team of occupational therapists. So yesterday, Nicholas & I spent the afternoon together at his & hers doctor’s appointments (I had a quick appointment in the middle of his).

1st, the team of occupational therapists met Nicholas & me at his school early in the afternoon. We hadn’t seen the OTs since Nicholas 1st came home to NC – after their initial appointment with him in early January we all decided there wasn’t a need for a regimented appointment schedule. But, since he was now nearing the 6 month corrected stage we decided that it would be a good time to check-in on his progress.

For about 1 hour the 4 of us played, watched Nicholas eat, and participated in a variety of tests disguised as playtime. At the end of their time with him they shared the news that he was progressing well. We reviewed the lengthy lists of “tests” they performed and discovered that he was right where he should be for a full-term 9 month baby & progressing ahead of a full-term 6 month baby!

After playtime with the OTs we scooted off to our 9 month well visit checkup. Dr. White, our primary pediatrician, was out so we had the pleasure (really, it was) of visiting with Dr. Dees. Dr. Dees has a calming sense about her – something Nicholas & I both felt as soon as she walked into the room. She weighed and measured Nicholas – since his 6 month checkup he has grown 2.5 inches and gained 2.5 pounds.

He is now 25.5″ inches tall and weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces! 

During our checkup the big topic was food – lots of food. What to eat, how to eat it, when to eat it.  At our 6 month check-up we agreed to wait until he was 6 months corrected age before we began introducing table food. Even despite family members saying “When my baby was 6 months old he was eating steak by himself!”  (no, dear one, he was not!) and “Why are you waiting? He is hungry!” (again, no dear, he isn’t hungry – he eats plenty through his bottle 5-6 times a day) I chose to wait until I felt it was the right time. I’m glad that we did. Dr. Dees agreed with the decision & after his check-up she gave us the “all clear” to feed him table foods. Any foods we would like to we should & in no particular order. She did encourage us to feed him fatty foods such as avocado to help him put on weight. So, guess what was 1st on the docket? Avocado!

On our way home, Nicholas & I stopped off and picked up some fresh fruits & veggies (& avocados, of course) to make into pureed food for him. Once we were home & daddy was home from the office we broke out the baby bullet Mama K and Papa Z gave Nicholas at his welcome home party (thanks y’all!). More to come on the adventures of Nicholas & avocados (& other yummy foods!) but I can say that the 1st experience was a very yummy, but messy experience for us all. (I’m still not sure how Nicholas got avocado under his arm when he was wearing clothes and how I ended up with it in my eyebrow!).

One thought on “Weighing-In

  1. Talk about biting the (baby) bullet! (You’d know we couldn’t resist a pun!) Oh what wonderful news all around! We are thrilled that he is growing and developing so healthily, and is now able to use that fabulous food machine to get avocados in his armpit and your eyebrows!! What fun it must have been for everyone close by! A real cause for thanksgiving! We send you all love and lots of hugs. Hope to see you soon!
    Mama K and Papa Z


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