Happy 9 months/6 moc. (& our 1st tooth!!)

This handsome fella is a whopping 9 months old today. We spent the day (and the 4th holiday weekend) visiting GG & Grandaddy at the lake house at Smith Mountain Lake along with partying with “Uncle” Justin & “Aunt” Jordan (my cousins).

We spent the special day playing in our exer-saucer, having story time (which has become more a time of ‘watch Nicholas hold the book, turn the pages back and forth, and not really much care about the words on the page ‘ time), floating in the lake, going on a boat ride, and trying out new table foods! And, as always we sang the “Happy Birthday” song more times than I care to admit.

Nicholas is growing so much these days. He is now practicing (and succeeding most of the time) at sitting up unsupported. He loves rolling (& rolling & rolling), kicking and using his feet, picking up and playing with toys, “reading books”, and playing music. He is fascinated by balloons, balls, & bouncing, but not our 3 dogs- if they even enter the room he is in he will begin to cry.  If you tickle his toes he will reward you with the biggest belly laughs, and before it’s all over you’ll both be laughing, Trust me. He adores his mommy & daddy & shows it by smiling whenever we walk into the room, loves his own reflection (he gets that from his mama I’m told), and is easily distracted (which, trust me, he gets from his daddy).

He even cut his 1st tooth today. He is coping well- lots did sleep & eating & chewing on blankets and books!

Happy 9 month birthday sweet Nicholas. We love you!

One thought on “Happy 9 months/6 moc. (& our 1st tooth!!)

  1. Happy birthday indeed!! We are thrilled at all the good news. I wanted to tell you that the post yesterday on learning that you were pregnant with him truly touched my heart. It brought back such vivid memories of my reaction to finding out that our Michael was on the way 31yrs ago. I think if most of us are honest, we are scared & excited all at the same time. And we pray a lot! We pray for health for our child and we pray that God will make us the kind of parents our child needs us to be. I am still praying that prayer! What a joy to share your adventures in your beautiful posts!! We love you!


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