Happy 10 Months (7 m.o.c)!

This sweet little “bug”-aboo (a nickname Andy & I have called him since his NICU days) is 10 months old!

As the days pass (all too quickly) I see more & more personality ooze out. And I just love his little personality.  He loves to sit up on his own, read toss books at bedtime (after he’s done “reading”, I guess), & playing peekaboo. He’s also discovered he can kiss which he finds both fun & funny (so does his mama!).

Nicholas now has 2 teeth which he will show you each and every time he smiles. He weighs 15 pounds, and enjoys eating. Everything. From broccoli to sweet potatoes, mangoes & even prunes he has yet to turn down a meal.

Happy birthday to our 10 month loveable, sweet, curious, kind baby boy!


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