on german weddings & our 1st trip to the NC coast! 

We spent this past weekend celebrating 2 of our favorite folks- “aunt” Heather Chapin & “uncle” Michael Terhart. The 2 lovebirds married each other on Saturday evening at the 18th hold of the albemarle plantation country club. 

It was a warm evening with a perfect sunset & the blue water behind them making for a memorable ceremony.

The reception was picturesque and oozed the warm personality of these 2 wonderful people & life they are creating for themselves. German & American fare were served waterside with rousing games of corn hole, can jam, and dancing going through the evening. 

We are thrilled to have been able to celebrate with them this weekend, catch up with dear friends who live just far enough away we don’t get to see them often (some even met Nicholas for the very 1st time!) and enjoy some time by the water! 
Enjoy these few snapshots of our weekend!  


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