& we took a few steps 

Tonight Nicholas took his 1st steps. They were in our kitchen after dinner (a dinner where he fed himself roasted chicken, green beans, & pumpkin pie- seriously).

They weren’t graceful. They were out of frustration of being denied the opportunity to open and explore inside all of the cabinets. They were “you are wrong & I am right & I will show you” steps (I am told he gets this attitude from me.) . They were clumsy- yet oh.so.determined (this he gets from his daddy). 

They were small and few but, by golly, they were steps. Unsupported steps straight into my arms. 

One thought on “& we took a few steps 

  1. Another reason for Thanksgiving! Prayers for him & you as his life’s journey now begins to take him on new paths “on the hoof,” as it were. But may they also, at critical junctures and for the sake of love, always lead him into your arms as well.


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