on having breakfast with Santa 

one fun fact for us (& hopefully you, too!) : Nicholas has been home from the NICU for exactly 1 year today. It only seems fitting that we met a man who symbolizes love & giving & downright jolliness this morning: Santa. 

We spent the morning at Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem where we ate breakfast in the manor’s smoking room & where we could see just enough of the big guy without giving away all the surprises & keep Nicholas’ attention while we ate (the grits also held his attention as he ate over 3 helpings in one sitting).  

After breakfast we ventured into the library where Santa & his elves were waiting to meet everyone. 

He watched as an elf showed him a few magic tricks. Then, when Santa’s lap was free we met Santa. 

Nicholas was curious. His eyes grew larger as we walked closer and you could see the joy on his face when he heard his 1st belly-filled “ho ho ho”. He held Santa’s hand for a minute, then touched his beard, and then I just handed him to Santa (I thought well, like ripping off a band aid, lets just do this & see what happens). 

There were no tears. No fussiness. Just stillness between the both of them. And then, just like that, Nicholas warmed up to him & sat for some terribly cute (if I do say so myself) photos. Enjoy. 


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