This post could be described as superficial (& it is so at least I get “points” for admitting it, right?). 

Yes it’s superficial. But, I live in a world where I rise early, spend a few moments with Jesus (& coffee) before my boys (BIG & small) rise. I get folks dressed & fed & loved before we head out the doors. & then I spend more hours than I’d like to admit @ my office thinking to myself “Dear Jesus, help me” & “Someone be sure to pray for me on Sunday for what I’m about to say”, & then I head home where I feed & dress (in jammies) & love on my boys some more before its bedtime for them & time for dishes & laundry (& probably wine) time for me. &Then I spend a few more minutes with Jesus laughing (& asking forgiveness) for the day that we both just witnessed & hoping we both find humor in it. So in a world of all of this a tad bit of superficial will do us all good……..
Yesterday Nicholas got his 1st haircut. In a real barber shop. Complete with swirly sign out front. In fact he got his hair cut in the same place (& by the same barber) that cuts grandaddy’s hair. And he loved it. 

The morning was simple. & Quick. & Pretty painless (for him).  But, yes I cried. Because no longer would we have “baby” hair. We now have little boy hair. 
Enjoy these few photos. We are now wearing little boy clothes & shoes & standing & talking & having opinions all on our own. 

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