merriest christmas, y’all

Merry Christmas!

Nicholas fell asleep in balmy NC on Christmas Eve & woke up on Christmas morning in warm & sunny SW Florida. In true family style, we spent the morning opening our gifts, eating country ham biscuits & coffee cake, & of course, wearing matching pajamas. (OK, so my family did new Christmas pajamas every year but they never matched – our little family has taken the tradition up a notch & we don matching pajamas – my husband is such a sport about it!).

Merriest of Christmases from our little clan to yours!


bedtime routine on an airplane on christmas eve. i thought we’d be the only babe not in our manager on that plane but i was wrong.

santa claus was this year.


2 thoughts on “merriest christmas, y’all

  1. Well it appears the moveable manger didn’t slow Santa down, to mix those metaphors, as it were! Thank you for bringing him by before leaving ; what a special joy for our Christmas!! We love you.

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