on turning 16 months…..

Nicholas is now 16 months (13 months corrected). 16 months ago I wouldn’t have imagined to be here this quickly (I’m sure I’ll repeat those words when he turns 16 YEARS old – as well as many times between now & then). But, here we are. 16 months old.

Nicholas is growing better than the doctors thought he would. He’s 29.5″ tall, has a head that 18.5″ around and weighs 18.5 pounds. We are finally off the preemie weight charts & sit comfortably in the 56th percentile for head size & length. (I try not to get wrapped up in the percentile conversations because I don’t really think it will affect his ability to do anything noteworthy in the future but coming off those preemie charts finally was such a good feeling!).

When we were in Florida we saw several who were on our primary care nursing team – even having lunch with our primary nurse Jovita. She even commented that he “doesn’t even look like a preemie” – a compliment I am taking to my grave. Everyone who’s been involved in his care is pleased with his progress. (I remind myself, as does Andy, that we got lucky. We still aren’t sure how – but we won’t question it too much. Instead, we’ll continue to give glory to HIM.).

In the past few months Nicholas has accomplished a lot. He’s also coming into his own in ways that make us oh.so.proud:

He is walking running & climbing all over everything. All the time. Just the other day he quietly climbed up 2 shelves on a bookcase before I knew it (& yes, I was in the room).

He is quiet at times. Sometimes its when he’s figuring out how something works (which is a nice way of saying that he’s taking it apart). He’s often quiet when he’s exploring something (or somewhere) he shouldn’t be. He gets this from his daddy.

He is loud at other times. He’s loud when he’s figured something out & he wants you to know about it; to share the joy in his discovery. He’s loud when he doesn’t think he’s being heard. (Aren’t we all?)

He laughs. A lot. & there is no sweeter sound. He laughs when you tickle him. He laughs when you try to put socks on his feet (he thinks its a game of keep away the foot from the sock). He laughs while he tries to brush his teeth. He laughs when he high-fives himself in the mirror. He laughs when he feeds the dog (a trick thats funny to everyone but me).

He is curious. About everything. Curious how things work. How they come apart (surprisingly, he’s less curious about how to put anything back together).  He’s curious about books & puzzles & the noises things make. And if it is has a handle trust that he will pull on it to see where it may lead him/what treasures it might give way to. (His teachers in school even tell us he’s curious which I think is another way of saying “he is nosy” which I’m fairly certain is a trait he gets from me, his ever nosy mama.)

He is strong (willed). Once he sets sight on something he will go after it. Even if you get in his way. He may try to charm his way around you & if that doesn’t work he may use more direct (& loud tactics) to try & get his way. Or he may pull the “when mama says no go ask dada” trick. Yes, he’s already trying this on us in various small ways & its hilarious to watch & take part in. He tests boundaries & is learning what no means. It’s a hard lesson for him as it is with all us adults still to this day.

He is fearless. Of anything. Heights. Boundaries. You name it. His antics take my breath away at least 6 times a day.

He is a sharer. Of toys. Books. Food. Sippy cups. He likes to share what he has; you can see the joy on his face when he does it.

He is my social icon. He hasn’t met a mean person yet; at least not in his eyes. He’s quick to wave & smile. He gives high fives & fist bumps out just because & even likes to cling glasses (sippy cups) when at the dinner table. (“cheers!”).

He is our favorite. Of all time. In the history of ever. 

here’s our curious-strong-fearless-social icon on a walk in the park this weekend.


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