a king, a sheriff, & a hawaiian shirt.

At school this month, Nicholas has had several “spirit” days. Andy tells me we are practically the only child in our class that participates but, by golly, you tell me there is a day with a theme & we will be there. In costume. Ready to play the part.

The 1st day was “King” day. We went as KING of the NICU. This was a HUGE hit throughout the school.

The next day was “western” day. So, naturally we went as the “king” of the west: a sheriff.

And, just the other day this week was “hawaiian shirt” day. Yes, we are a 21 month old. Yes, we do actually own a hawaiian shirt that fits. So, we wore it. And, as you can tell by the photo below we were in a rush to get to the luau school.


One thought on “a king, a sheriff, & a hawaiian shirt.

  1. Knowing his precious mama, this doesn’t surprise me a bit…not even a teensy, weensie bit! And it wouldn’t surprise you either, not at all, to know his Mimi, even as a teacher, always dressed appropriately on pajama days, particularly. Even when our director was out of the building & I had to give tours to prospective parents. Never missed a beat!


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