“you mine” (& other N-isms)

Now that Nicholas is learning to talk he likes to talk. A lot.  For the life of me I simply have no earthly idea where he gets this trait from!

Here are a few N-isms that run rampant in our life these days:


Bananas are minions’ favorite foods. At least once a day he walks into the kitchen and signs & says “Ba-NAAAAN-a peez.(please).” He will even show you where they are in the kitchen if you have somehow forgotten what a banana looks like or where they are kept (nevermind you are probably the one who bought them at the grocery store). “Ba-NAAAAN-a” is also what we call anything yellow. We have a large print of a lemonade canister hanging on the wall in our kitchen that our friend Jen took at our wedding. It is not yellow. It is “Ba-NAAAAN-a”. He will point to it, sign “yellow” & shout “Ba-NAAAAN-a”.

It rain.

Nicholas is learning all about weather. And his favorite “weather” is rain. Anytime it starts to rain he will go to the door and shout excitedly “it rain! it rain! mama, it rain!”. After the rain stops he will point outside & say “it wet.” When you ask him why its wet he will excitedly tell you & sign for you that “it rain!”. Now that we are in full summer heat & humidity here in NC some mornings we wake up & there is a bit of dew on our windows. He will point & say “it rain!”. Right now we aren’t explaining the difference because, hey we could use the rain these days & because you never know, it might rain soon.


This is what we call the minions. Nicholas knows who the minions are & where they live (in the TV, the DVD player in the car, and on the Kindle). When he sees any of these items he asks “Min-min now?” (Can I see the minions now?). He doesn’t argue when we say no; he shrugs & moves on. Somedays he’ll ask a few more times as if you might not have heard him. It’s very “are we there yet? how about now? now? when?” of him.


Help. As in “Can you help me open these fruit snacks I went & got out of the pantry all by myself because I know where my snacks are & I dont need your help raiding the pantry; just opening my loot.” This is also found in conversation when we need “hup”opening the play-do we will ultimately try to feed to the dogs.

“I not (k)no(w).”

This was his 1st sentence & is still a favorite. “I not know” who pulled all of the blankets out of the drawer. “I not know” who colored the wall with red chalk. “I not know” who fed my sippy cup to the dog.

You mine.

This one is my absolute favorite. When you ask him what/who things are he will usually respond correctly.

“Who is that?” “Dada.”

“Who is that?” “Dog.”

“What is that?” “Ball.”

“Who is that?” (when pointing to me) “Mine.” Even when I say “Who am I?” “You mine”. “Am I mama?” “M-hm. Mine mama.” Here’s hoping he always know I am his. And he is mine.


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