low country living 

We just returned from our 1st family vacation in the history of N’s life. Don’t misread this- N has been on airplanes & in several states but it’s always been in tow one of my or Andy’s business trips or to see family here or there. We haven’t taken a trip just the 3 of us simply because we can since N has been born. Until now.

We traveled to celebrate. We celebrated N and all that he is. We celebrated paying off all of N’s medical bills & the associated costs that come with a baby in the NICU for as long as we were (most folks overlook this financial aspect of family in the hospital but as someone who has seen the bills it’s there and it’s ugly….we had 16 flights alone just so Andy could get back & forth to work during our NICU stay- and doctors boarding fees for our 3 dogs for 4 months – let alone countless other “things”). 

We traveled to a place where my wonderful “damn Yankee” of a husband had never been before- Charleston, SC. We spent 4 days eating wonderful food, touring Fort Sumter, taking a carriage ride, and visiting plantations. It was wonderful (I may have at one point told Andy that this is where I belonged. He says our checkbook disagrees.)
Enjoy these photos from our trip! 

One thought on “low country living 

  1. So love the pix & all the things it celebrated, as well as WHO it celebrates! You didn’t say it specifically, but I trust it also celebrated the 2 of you, because what you have lived through these past 2 yrs is a miracle too! Love you!


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