….and today you turned 2.

Today you turn 2. I’m not sure how we got here so quickly. Your story continues to be an amazing one that humbles me every single day. (Also, I would like to know who to complain to about time speeding up so fast it makes my head spin.)

You’ve come a long way in the past year. We said goodbye to physical therapists, occupational therapists, and frequent checkups at the doctors. You no longer need special immunizations that support preemie hearts & lungs & bodies. This year we heard some of the best words from your medical team : “If you didn’t know he was premature, you wouldn’t be able to tell.” Yep, you’ve come a long way. (Hallelujah.)

You did meet a new doctor this year. He fixed your ear drum & placed tubes to (hopefully) eliminate all future ear troubles. Your hearing was damaged when your ear drum ruptured but has come back full force (as has your selective hearing – which I’d never admit outside of here that you get it from me- your mama).

You have found your voice &, with it, your well-timed dry humor. Your witty retorts leave me laughing:

“How old are you, Nicholas?”

(“How old are you, mama?”).

This led to a chat about how we don’t ask mommies how old they are because it’s not nice & because you can’t count that high to which you replied “Oh. Old.”

This year we saw new faces come into our family & some souls leave this world for better places. Both of these experiences are important. It helps us learn to accept change (whether we want it or not).

During these times of change you’ve also witnessed  true “family” forming around you – some by blood (& love) and some simply by choice (these are my favorites). You have inherited aunts & uncles (& even a special Mimi & Poppy)  who you’ll never find proof of on your family tree but they are here. In your life. Because they choose to be. Embrace them.  It’s important to also remember to never bother yourself with those who choose to ignore you- it’s their choice. And, there are times now & in the future where the best thing you will be able to do is say “OK, that is your choice. I still love you.” If you can do this you will be content.

The world around you has crumbled & been broken & is defeated & tired. It’s not the world we want for you. But, even so there is still beauty & love & grace abundant. Some days you just have to search for it a bit harder.

Your daddy & I consciously surround you with people who love Jesus & work to serve Him. It’s our prayer you always keep a close knit circle of folks who love you, love Jesus, & hold you accountable to the standards He set for us.

You, Nicholas, are brave. Nothing scares you – at least not for long. You are fearless. You take my breath away at least 40 times a day with your daredevil stunts.

You are determined. Determined to figure out how that thing comes apart, how this thing works, and how to put this other thing back together. You are our little gear head – a trait you get from your daddy & granddaddies for sure.

You live for connections. For friendships. For “mama” & “dada” & “min-min” (Minions) & “choo-choo” (Thomas The Train). You love to call people on the phone. Sometimes you’re successful & get someone to answer & sometimes you spend your time talking to someone we cannot see on the other end of the phone.

You are our most favorite. In the history of the world. You give us hope. And show us what true grace looks like. You are our reason for everything we do. And we are oh so terribly thankful every minute of our days for you.

Happy Birthday, Nicholas.

Now bring on the terrible 2s. (I think) we are ready for you. Wine, anyone?

Love you forever…….Mama & Dada

2 thoughts on “….and today you turned 2.

  1. Well YAY! I got to leave a comment, so the link is working again. I just loved this. The miracle that is Nicholas, in so very many ways. He is so blessed to have such loving, wonderful parents. We hope to see you soon with books for you to share! And maybe, just maybe, we should bring wine for the grown-ups!
    Love always, Mimi & Poppy


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