pum-pin patches. 

For me, Fall is a time of renewing. Of slowing down. Of opening the windows & pulling out comfortable blankets & lighting candles & being thankful my husband knows how to build a fire. And, of course, pumpkins. Everywhere you look there should be pumpkins.

Last year about this time I wrote about Nicholas’ 1st trip to the pumpkin patch. It’s a tradition my grandmother started for us when I was little & I looked forward to it for years. Even when I had to drive her to the pumpkin patch we still went. I loved it. And, I want Nicholas to love Fall traditions, too.

This year we took a bit of our own spin on the tradition. We headed south of town to  an orchard farm that had a glorious pumpkin patch – and a hayride on a tractor that go you there.

In short, Nicholas loved it. Enjoy these photos of Nicholas picking out his “pum-pin”.

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