today we elected a president. 

Today we elected a new president. It wasn’t easy. It was polarizing. I had to keep my mouth shut publicly for well over 18 months (this was hard for your mama). But I am happy to tell you we were part of a movement. Our family’s candidate won. We are happy. We are also sad for the labels others will automatically assign us because of our vote. We know they aren’t true for our family. And, we know often people label things they cannot process. 

Before I know it you’ll be voting in elections. Here’s what I want you to know- 

Yes, love wins. Yes, love trumps hate. Yes, Jesus is love. But (& here is the most important part) Jesus set standards for the way we should live. He didn’t say you could pick & choose the rules like a subway sandwich lineup. He didn’t offer up his grace for all the times you know you’re breaking the rules because it’s what you feel like doing. It is not about justifying your way of living; it’s about living for what He eternally justified for you. 

He does ask us to love sinners. Why? Because we are sinners ourselves. Regardless of the perceived “degree” of sin. So, love your people. All of them. End of story. Show them kindness for it might be all they need. Remember though that love doesn’t mean complacency. Pray for those who need it (hint: we all need it).  

He also demands we serve. Everyone. So serve. But remember “serving” isn’t a synonym for catering to. You can help without giving a handout. Serve to satisfy needs. And do it with a grateful heart. 

Jesus set standards. He also set an example. Please be both. 

2 thoughts on “today we elected a president. 

  1. Dear and precious Nicholas, & your sweet mama & daddy,
    You will discover, as you grow up, that things in this world are rarely 100% clear, & that choices are often difficult. You will find that there are good ideas and faithful people of God on all sides, & our county’s voting privilege is no exception. Although we saw this election differently from you, we all do our best to follow the way our Lord leads as we see it. I cannot believe he wants us to build walls rather than bridges, & spew venom against ANY of his children. But knowing you, I am sure you don’t believe that either. We made our choices in this because we, like you, want love, justice, and help for those who have no voice. We just saw it differently. And like you, we will now pray & work for healing. That, my sweet boy, is the most important, along with realizing that this election, like all of them, is still about hope. I hope your Mimi & Poppy will live long enough to be around when you vote for your first time! We love all of you very much!

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