visiting the NICU

Over the Christmas holiday we visited the NICU at Golisano Children’s hospital – where Nicholas was born & spent his 1st days.

When we left the hospital in 2014 they had begun construction on a new NICU. The new NICU wing of the hospital will be ready next Spring. There will be private rooms for families where mamas & dadas can sleep with their babies. There will be privacy. Andy (somewhat) joked that he was glad the wing wasn’t ready when we were there because he knows he wouldn’t have been able to pull me away. He’s (probably) right. Still, I am thrilled that this wing will be ready for families. Tickled. What a beautiful thing to have privacy with your early arrival. The next time we visit it will be ready. And, they are building a library in part to the donations received through our LoveNotes program. I couldn’t be happier that more families will have access to books during their stay.

We spent the majority of our visit with our dear nurses at the NICU. I couldn’t imagine life without them now. They are like long lost sisters & aunts.

As promised we delivered care package goodies for NICU families – over 150 blankets, 30 preemie hats, and over 60 books.

Thank y’all for your love, support, & donations. We couldn’t do this without so many of you – it really does take a village.



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