christmas comes but once a year

(I wish Christmas came more often but I know that the gift of Christmas is so special once a year is blessing enough). 

Merry Christmas! We spent Christmas in SW Florida with GiGi & Grandaddy. It was warm. It was sunny. There were boat rides. Beaches. Dolphins swimming by the boat every single time we ventured out. There was also lots of fishing (which now makes 3 generations in my family extremely happy).

And of course, Santa came. He was good to Nicholas. He brought Nicholas a “choo choo” train set (I’m sure Poppy Charlie would be proud!), and Thomas & Percy trains to ride the rails. He also brought a teepee for Nicholas’ room. “Santa” Grandaddy also brought Nicholas a fishing rod.

If you ask Nicholas how his Christmas was he will most likely respond, “Happy Birthday Jesus. Wow.”. Enjoy these photos & a video of Nicholas using his fishing rod with Dada & Grandaddy.



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