give my husband all the credit. 

I am humbled to be a wife & mama to the 2 men that I belong to. They are my people. And my husband is the catalyst for what we did recently & what was talked about today in church. 

Today in church we talked about serving each other- it’s been a summer long series that I have longed for on some days & struggled with on other days. We’ve tossed around the idea of “I love you” versus “I won’t love you through <that>” all summer. 

This morning our minister used our little family as the example of people who saw a need and met it. It was broadcast to all 3 locations and is online for all to see. (but please don’t look it up- unless you just want to see what kind of a JESUS loving tribe we belong to). 
We were unaware that what we did would ever be spoken of ever – let alone this morning. And we didn’t do much – we just loved on complete strangers in a way folks loved on us when N was in the NICU. 
It was humbling. It was a also bit horrific when it happened (I kept praying “please don’t say our names, do not say our names.”) for the family we helped was just 1 row away and we’d rather them never know. Ever. We didn’t do what we did for credit. We did it because someone loved us in a way we never knew we needed when we were in crisis so we wanted to share that crisis-ridden “we got you” love.
It also reminded me that Jesus is always watching. Even when we are at our worst. Even we we think “yeah, I love you & all, but I don’t love you through <that>”. 
So I tell you this not for a “that’s so awesome!” or “way to go!” but to tell you that we continue to try to be what would make Bea Parker (my grandmother & a woman I still try to call on the phone some days- even though she moved on to glory 2 years ago) proud. To remember our roots & to be grateful for what we have & realize it’s only a few hours gone wrong that we could lose it all. And we could be right back where we were- away from home & in desperate need of love- in all its forms. Even when that love comes in the form of a lawnmower on a sunny day. 

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