these past few months. 

This has been a place for me to share about Nicholas. The good, bad, and whenever I can: the hilarious. Today it’s going to be about a bit more. 

These past few months have been trying for us as a family. We’ve been stretched. Sometimes too thin. We’ve been called to serve & give in new & often uncomfortable ways. We’ve been questioned. We’ve been tested. We’ve been asked to base decisions on others’ priorities; not our own. God has been at the root of all of this & we know that so we’ve laughed we can, cried when we needed to, and drank wine by the fire whenever we had the chance. 

If I had it my way we’d live on an island. Just us 3. No work. No other commitments. Just us and what would seem like endless time. People often scoff at this when they hear me say “I’m going to buy an island and live there and you might be invited if you’re nice!”. They tell me I’d get bored. Maybe. But I’d be willing to risk it. 

Life doesn’t work that way though. 

In July I got an email from an old boss. The email simply said “you’d be great at this.” and included some contact information. A few days later I received a call from an executive recruiter wanting follow up on my boss’ email and see if I might be interested in talking more. So, I did. 

And today, nearly 10 weeks after that 1st email, I resigned from my job at Carolina. In a few weeks I’ll begin an incredibly exciting opportunity. 

I’ll be closer to home (much closer). Instead of a 1 hour one way commute I’ll be only 12 minutes away. There will be less long travel trips on my calendar. I’ll be able to spend more time with Andy & Nicholas. We’ll also have the means to support our family & community in ways we’ve felt called to but haven’t been able to do so before now. 

I’m grateful. Andy is proud. Nicholas would just like to watch “one more!” episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

This decision was not easy. It came with much discussion, a lot of questions, some tears, and prayer. Lots of prayer. During this time I didn’t pray for what I wanted. I simply prayed for grace. I mean I wanted grace NOW but nonetheless I prayed for grace. And all the while I heard a voice “be patient my child.” That voice may have laughed a few times at my desire for immediate grace but the mantra never changed, “be patient my child.” 

Leaving Carolina isn’t easy. It has its warts but it’s also a place that has allowed me to grow, has tested me, and has provided support when our family needed it most. I enjoy the people I work for, I work with, and the work we do. It’s been fun. Hard work. But fun. I won’t rehash the past now that it’s just that- I simply wish the best for the employees and the work they do. They’re doing amazing things in that department and it’s been a honor to lead those efforts for the past 6 years. 

I’ll close out my time with Carolina at the end of September. Then I’ll spend a few weeks off with family. Just us 3. There’s been no talk of an island escape yet during that time but you never know. 

The middle of October will bring a new dynamic for our family. I couldn’t be more thrilled. 

One thought on “these past few months. 

  1. Wow! One of my favorite prayers comes to mind here: “God, help me to find my way through the changes in my life.”
    Exciting but scary too; definitely “yay-boo,” in that it is the sadness of saying good-byes along with hellos to new folks and places. How very “you” to share part of the prayers and struggles that preceded this, and thank you for the privilege of reading this “inside” of you. We pray that you will be refreshed and renewed, both in the choice and in the “between time” for just the 3 of you. Sacred time and maybe “island’ time as well. Peace in your hearts; peace on your way, and joy in the Presence and presence of each other. Keep us posted, as we will hold you in thoughts and prayers. Much love, Mimi & Poppy


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