so, its been a while….

I’m not sure how it happened but it’s almost April. Easter is 5 “sleeps” away according to Nicholas.

These past few months have been a complete whirlwind. To get you caught up:

December happened. Christmas came in strong. We spent it in Florida with GiGi and Grandaddy. Santa was sponsored by Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol this year. Nicholas got everything he asked for and Andy and I got some sunshine, warm weather, and a good night out to dinner sans Nicholas.

New Years came and went. We stayed home, played with Nicholas, and cooked dinner. Everyone was asleep by 10 PM. We woke up at 1145, watched the ball drop, and went back to sleep. Don’t worry though – everyone was awake at 6 AM because, well, we have a 3 year old.

Since then, everything has just been “normal” – for the most part. Andy and I have both had to travel for work. Thankfully, only 2 times have our trips overlapped and required some creative scheduling to make sure Nicholas was cared for.

It snowed. and snowed. And snowed. And just when you thought it was going to snow (hey, there were flowers on the trees!) it…snowed again.

Nicholas continues to just be the most amazing, awesome, strong, brave kid that I think has ever walked the planet. He enjoys ‘school’, loves to read his books, build with legos, and is quickly picking up on chores around the house without complaint.

While we’re busy, and my house never seems to look like the cover of Martha Stewart living, it is a sweet mess around here. There’s rarely a room without a stray toy laying about, a dog in the way, or a load of laundry thats clean, folded, and put away. Wouldn’t trade it for the world, though. Not for the world.

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