Pre-Kindergarten is here. Heaven help just about everyone.

All summer long Nicholas has been preparing for pre-Kindergarten. He’s been so excited to experience the ‘grows up classroom’.

Last week, to help prepare us all we went and met his new teachers. I walked up after their open house presentation to introduce myself.

“Hi, Ms Robinson. I’m Jaclyn Szapacs, Nicholas’ mom.”

“Oh, ma’am, I know who you are.” (uh-oh)

“You do?”

“I do. I also know who your husband is.” (Crap)

She went on to say Nicholas’ old teacher had gotten her up to speed on our curious, headstrong 3 year old and told her we are helpful at home in reinforcing rules he has at school. She also asked if she too could use the “Nicholas, do you want me to call your mom?”, trick that seems to work so well at church and in his old class.

Absolutely. Use it.

Today, Nicholas got out of bed, headed for the kitchen to eat breakfast, got dressed in his school uniform, posed reluctantly on the front porch for his 1st of many “1st days of ___” picture, got in the car, and arrived at school a confident pre-kindergartner.

He’s been excited for the new school year and the new experiences he’ll have. In addition to science, math, and reading and writing, he’s asked to take yoga classes and soccer. So he’ll be a reading, writing, science, math, yoga, and soccer kiddo during the school days.

Here’s to a great school year. Here’s to being kind. Here’s to growth and change and taking it all in stride. Most of all here is to his heart growing and loving on others just as Jesus loves on us.

Go be Jesus, buddy. You make us so proud.

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