And so… you’re 4…

Today you turned 4 (going on 14?). You are the most epic adventure and we are so proud God gave us you.

This year has been a one of growth & changes & learning to just BE in it all.

I say this knowing full well your daddy will read this. He’ll agree. You are a mama’s boy. You and I have a sacred, guttural, intrinsic bond. You are my person. I only say that about 1 other person. Your daddy may also say “you are your mothers child” which is slightly different; ask GiGi about that one… she hears it a lot. (Heaven knows I have no idea why she would ever in her life hear such nonsense?!).

You saw a different kind of love this year from your daddy & me as you started figuring things & people out on your own. Some of it was easy, some of our love was tough. We’ll continue to love you in both ways; that’s our job.

You learned people have good and bad days. Good days bring about happiness and kindness; bad days can bring out the worst in people. You experienced friends having bad days. I watched you handle it with grace and strength and compassion which is pretty amazing for a 4 year old. You even saying “invite <so and so> to my party!” was a level of compassion most grown adults can’t muster. Keep it up, kiddo. Anger often comes from a lack of good love; remember that.

You are starting to come into your own. You love all things dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, PJ masks, and Mickey Mouse. And yoga. This year you picked yoga over all of the other activities. Namaste, bud. You make your mama & daddy so proud on that one.

You love hard. You are helpful. You are kind. You are oh so smart. You are learning hard stuff. And you’re doing great.

Stay strong. Stay curious. Stay kind. Always be the hands & feet. You are our heartbeat. You are our everything. We love you. Happy birthday.

– Mama & Daddy.

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