Know a NICU family in need? Nominate them to receive a care package through our #lovenotesfornicholas program.

You can read more about our mission & why we spread #lovenotesfornicholas around the country here.We’ve created our program #lovenotesfornicholas, to seek out & support NICU families in crisis with much needed items to assist in bonding with their child.

It is trying to be a parent with a new baby who is too fragile to hold or event touch.  Our care packages provide items that aid in bonding during these very fragile times. Through smell & sound these pieces help bind families together while allowing babies to remain in safe & stable environments. Our items are made by hand (by me & other key women in our community). They are packaged & prayed over & shipped out all over the country.

Included in each #lovenotesfornicholas care package:

  • Handmade baby blanket(s) suitable for use in an incubator, crib, or during “kangaroo time”
  • Handmade baby hat(s) which aid in temperature control both in & out of the incubator
  • Classic children’s book

If you are (or know of someone) who could use a NICU family bonding care package  from our program,  simply fill out the information below. Once received, I’ll be in contact with you via email to get any information I might need to deliver their package.

Thank you for helping us spread our love through this program!

There are no strings attached. No shipping fees. No money needs to ever exchange hands. We are doing this  because we can. Its that simple. If the situation ever changes or this gets too big for little ole’ me & my patient husband to handle, we’ll be open about it – in other words, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. All information shared will kept confidential. I will not share information with any 3rd parties.