welcome, y’all.


LoveNotesforNicholas began during a very uncertain & dark time for our little family.

We had no knowledge of HELLP syndrome before October 5th, 2014. No idea how extremely rare it is or that there was nothing we could’ve done to predict, prepare for, or stop it.  HELLP syndrome brought our 1st child, a boy named Nicholas, into this world at 28 weeks & 2 days. He was a handsome 14″ long and weighed in at 1 pound 12 ounces.

We spent the next 3 months over 800 miles away from home. We lived in the hospital for 69 days. We endured infections, multiple blood transfusions, x-rays, brain & heart scans, & over $1 million in medical care. These were some very dark & scary times.

But during the dark, scary times #lovenotesfornicholas was born. From the beginning we’ve documented our family’s road from within the confines of the NICU to home life today. What started out as a way for us to share updates with our family back home has turned into a movement. One we are honored & humbled to be behind.

Today, we are a  micro-preemie-family on a mission to love on other NICU families. We’ve created our program #lovenotesfornicholas, to seek out & support NICU families in crisis with much needed items to assist in bonding with their child. It is trying to be a parent with a new baby who is too fragile to hold or event touch.  Our care packages provide items that aid in bonding during these very fragile times. Our items are made by hand (mine & other women in our community). They are packaged & prayed over & shipped out all over the country. If you know someone in need, please Request A LoveNote.

Join us here as we continue to share our life with you. The grace filled days. The really, really gritty days. And especially the days where He reminds us of His hilarious sense of humor.

Welcome to #lovenotesfornicholas. We’re happy to have you.


One thought on “welcome, y’all.

  1. Dear Jaclyn, Andy & dear, sweet, precious Nicholas, I am so glad I was included to receive your blog site. I started reading from the earliest date, and was overcome with emotions. I am overjoyed, as everyone is, with Nicholas’ progress over the last few weeks. As time allows, please keep us here at Carolina Biological updated. We’re all praying for you
    Happy, HAPPY Thanksgiving to your lovely family. Hugs & prayers. Connie Roupe.


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