There’s something about snow that calls us to simply “be still”. This morning, as we woke to find over 5″ of some of the fluffiest snow I can remember in recent years, I joked with Andy that “it has snowed here every year since you moved down from Yankee-land.” Coincidence? Maybe……but, Andy does love the winter weather so perhaps its the universe reminding him to “be still” (a hard task for my husband).

This morning before our workdays started (mine here at home since Nicholas’ school was closed) we bundled Nicholas up and went outside to snap a few shots of his 1st true snowfall. I’m sure he felt like the little brother in “A Christmas Story” all bundled up but hey, I’m mama and if I want to dress him in a puffy white bear snow suit (that his father bought him I might add) then I will and I will enjoy every stinkin’ minute of it!

Enjoy these few snapshots……

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