when best friends have babies.

Note: This isn’t a traditional “love note” about my Nicholas. But since life isn’t always about “you”, here goes……

Today my best friend had a baby. With his gorgeous, wonderful wife. & I simply could not be an ounce happier for them than I already am.

Michael & I have been best friends chosen family longer than either of us would care to admit. His parents, Kay & Charlie, have become 2nd parents to me (& now Andy & Nicholas). From today onward they will be called Mimi & Papi in our home. They love us as their own. They will never ever know how grateful we are for them in our lives.

When we were in high school, Michael would often come over to my house. So much so my mama would keep string cheese in the fridge for him. There were days she’d hear the front door open, followed by footsteps to the kitchen. She’d think for a moment it was one of us only to find Michael standing in the kitchen with the fridge door open & me nowhere to be found. That’s just the kind of family we are – we’re comfortable enough to know the door is always open regardless of who may be home. (There may also have been a cookie jar at Michael’s house that a certain mom Mimi kept cookies in for yours truly but I digress).

I’ll never forget when Michael met his wife, Annie. He called me & told me about how he met her & how he wanted to get to know her more. There was something different in his voice as he recounted the story to me. A different tone. A different rhythm. It sounded as if his heart had finally found what it’d been searching for & it was happy it was home.

I prayed for someone like Annie for Michael for a long long time. I watched as others came & went. I listened to him during times of transition. I laughed sometimes when life would throw him a curve ball (or was it a correction?) and he would get caught off balance from his oh.so.well laid plans. And then, I watched (from afar as distance often demands) as Michael fell in love with Annie.

Annie is strong. She is calm. She is patient. She is practical (hallelujah!). She is reverent. She centers Michael. She grounds him. She is everything I ever hoped for for Michael. When they got married I told Mimi “we don’t have to worry about him with her. He’ll be just fine.” I just love it when I am right.

Annie & I suffered similar losses. We walked similar paths as we processed & I learned a lot about her during those times. Long story short: she is a rock. Together the 2 of them are nothing short of amazing.

And today, as icing on my best friend cake, Michael & Annie welcomed a son into the world. He is handsome. And he, just like his parents, will have an amazing love story.

Sweet boy, you always have a room in our hearts. And a room in our home. And a buddy named Nicholas to do life with. We are thrilled to be your “chosen” aunt & uncle. Know we’re here when you need us. (& when you get older, I’ll tell you stories about your Dad that might just come in handy one day). Love you.



One thought on “when best friends have babies.

  1. Oh my dear, darling, first daughter…
    Words cannot express my thanks to you for this beautiful post, and much more, for the love that is behind it. How beautifully you have captured our lives together over the years. No, there are no words for the emotions and love this calls forth; there are only tears of deep joy and love. WOW! You have done it again.

    This will be printed out now and will go into Michael’s scrapbook that I am making him. How lucky he is to have and be part of your family, and yes, your Nicholas and Andy are part of ours. Always. For all time. This is about as close as we get to heaven this side of it.

    We love you devotedly & eternally.
    Mimi and Poppy


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