Thankful for….. Angela

In our post about Nicholas’ birth story, I mentioned what a blessing a nurse named Angela was. Since I have a few moments, I wanted to write about Angela. While I’m confident she knows how terribly thankful Andy & I are for her, I feel it important to write a bit about what an integral part she was in Nicholas’ birth if for no other reason than to save the story here for Nicholas. I want him to know that before he even appeared on October 5th he experienced selfless love and caring from a complete and total stranger – who we are now thrilled to think of as a friend.

Angela was the charge nurse on duty on Golisano Children’s Hospital when I was transported early Sunday evening. As Andy, my mom, and my dad can attest, she took charge as soon as the ambulance arrived. The original plan when I was transferred was to stabilize me on mag bags for 24-48 hours and pump Nicholas & I with steroids to help aid his growth before he was delivered. As they were trying to stabilize me, Nicholas’ heartbeat faded away.

Angela worked for a few minutes to find his heart rate and once she couldn’t find anything other than a faint heart rate under 90 bpm, she went into emergency mode. With her calm but authoritative demeanor she told her team to call OR and let them know we were on our way. She had doctors and anesthesiologists paged within seconds. On our way out the door she turned to Andy and said “Dad, follow me. Keep up.” As Andy puts it, they were all running and pushing my bed to the OR. Angela put Andy in a waiting room outside of the OR and went in with me. She never left my side, giving me encouragement while commanding orders of others around her to keep everyone as stable as we could until Dr. Brown could arrive. She was the last person I remember seeing until I woke up from the c-section. She made sure I was comfortable after surgery and made arrangements for us to go up and meet Nicholas. She gave us privacy when we requested it and support when we needed it most that night.

The days following Nicholas’ birth, she would go visit “that cute Szapacs baby” (she was one of the only nurses who didn’t need a lesson in how to pronounce our last name) and would even stop by our hospital room to give us updates on Nicholas and to see if we needed anything. And, all of this care was after we were transferred off her hall and were given to another set of nurses. She was, and continues to be, a blessing for us.

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