on snow suits…

I went to 12 stores. Andy will tell you (or complain, rather) that I called him 9 times during his busy workday to tell him to call over to this store or to that store to see if they had a snow suit. 

I offered more money than stores were asking for if they’d just go in the back & see if they had one in our size. I bribed. I pleaded. I ended up driving 25 miles (one way) to a store that had the snow suit we needed. I may have offered our next born (or someone else’s newborn- I’m not sure) if they would just hold it until I got there. Thank goodness the lady running the store laughed at my offer & said “you aren’t the only one to offer that today” as she sold me the snow suit. 

But alas, after hours & a tank of gas, by golly we had a snow suit. Now all we needed was snow. Which came in big white puffy flakes overnight & into the next day. 

Enjoy these few photos of our preemie-turned toddler- turned snow explorer. The 1st photo was featured on WFMY News 2’s morning news this weekend. 


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